March 10, 2023 4 min read

So, we made it to March. 

We’re a whole 10 weeks into the Spring term at school, the snowdrops have started to appear along the sides of the roads, Easter eggs have sprung up in every supermarket and we’ve even been out for the odd walk without our winter coats.

It was really beginning to feel like spring was well and truly here and everyone’s spirits lifted so much!  Then the weather turned.

And I’m not talking about a few frosts or showers.  I’m talking gale-force winds, Met Office weather warnings and snow.  Inches of it (as measured by the kids with a ruler in the back garden).

You see, all that lovely sunshine didn’t really mean the British weather had decided to give us all a break. No, no, not at all. 

At times, nature just has a strange sense of humour and what we all got overly excited about was in fact what is commonly known as a Fools spring (or a false Spring).

A Fools Spring occurs when temperatures suddenly rise, usually in March or April
It stays warm
for several days or sometimes even weeks, only to drop back to regular wintery temperatures.

Irritating but not entirely unexpected.

So, with at least another 6 weeks to go before we see anything resembling *nice* weather, what can we do with a house full of children to avoid extreme amounts of screen time and the well-rehearsed chorus of “we’re bored”?

It's easy to look outside on a rainy day and feel like you're stuck inside with nothing to do but actually if you can look past the grey skies, there’s usually a silver lining.

You can plan for an indoor day, or shock horror, you could venture out.  No one’s going to dissolve.  As they say in Scandinavia, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes”.

There are actually loads of benefits to getting outside despite the rain!


  1. 1. Sensory Exploration: Playing in the rain can help children explore their senses and develop their understanding of the environment. It can be an exciting experience for children as they feel the rain on their skin and the wind blowing through their hair.

    . Improved Physical Development: Playing in the rain helps to improve physical development by encouraging children to use their gross motor skills. It also helps to build strength, balance, and coordination.

    . Social Interaction: Playing in the rain provides an opportunity for children to interact with one another in a different setting. It can also be a great way to encourage social skills such as cooperation, communication, and problem-solving.

    . Self-Regulation and Resilience: Playing in the rain can help children to learn how to regulate their emotions and It can also help them to develop resilience and confidence in their ability to face challenges.

    . Creativity and Imagination: Playing in the rain can be a great way to encourage creative thinking and imagination. It can also help children to develop their problem-solving skills.

So, with all that in mind, grab an umbrella and get ready to explore the many benefits of play on a rainy day!


20 Craft Activities for Kids on a Rainy Day:

  1. Make a bird feeder with a pinecone, string, and peanut butter
  2. Make a rain gauge out of a clear plastic bottle and ruler
  3. Create a rain stick (rain shaker maker) with cardboard and dried beans / rice.
  4. Paint rocks with washable paints and turn them into raindrops.
  5. Paper mâché.
  6. Create a collage with magazine clippings of rainy scene.
  7. Paint with watercolours and watch the colours blend. Fingerpaint!
  8. Make origami swans and paper boats.   
  9. Create a wind chime out of cut up straws and beads.
  10. Make a rain cloud out of cotton balls and glue
  11. Create a nature scavenger hunt with items found around the house
  12. Make bath bombs
  13. Make a paper plate rainbow
  14. Make friendship bracelets
  15. Make a paper plate suncatcher
  16. Create a nature journal
  17. Make play dough or salt dough ornaments.
  18. Make a raindrop mobile with paper, string, and paint
  19. Decorate an old t-shirt with fabric paint and markers
  20. Make a raincloud in a jar or another indoor science experiment


25 Indoor Activities for Kids on a Rainy Day:

1. Make a blanket fort or a tent.
2. Bake something
3. Have a movie marathon
4. Play board games
5. Put on a play
6. Make a scrapbook
7. Indoor bowling or golf.
8. Have a Nerf gun battle
9. Make paper airplanes
11. Make a music video  
12. Have an indoor picnic
13. Learn a TikTok dance
14. Make slime
15. Make up stories together.
16. Plant seeds to start off this year’s garden.  
17. Put on a puppet show
18. Find some child safe yoga videos on YouTube.
21. Have a dance party
22. Play indoor hide and seek or make an indoor obstacle course.
23. Play charades, Pictionary or “Simon Says”.
24. Play dress up and paint faces.
25. Give each other a makeover or learn a new hairstyle.


10 Outdoor Activities for Kids on a Rainy Day: 

1.  Make mud pies
2.  Go on a nature walk or scavenger hunt
3.  Make a shelter
4.  Go puddle jumping
5.  Make rain art
6.  Create a fairy garden
7.  Fly a kite
8.  Make a paper boat and sail it
9.  Have a water balloon fight
10.  Go on a nature photography walk

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