Birthstones and Diamonds for Gold Fingerprint Jewellery
Diamond and Birthstone Guide

Birthstones and coloured gemstones have been used in the making of jewellery since the first century, when it was believed that there was a connection between certain gemstones, the 12 months of the year and the 12 signs of the zodiac.

It was not until the eighteen century, in Poland, that it became popular to wear a single gemstone associated with a calendar month.

In 1937, The National Association of Goldsmiths here in Britain created their own standardized list of birthstones which we still use today.

Many pieces of personalised fingerprint jewellery made by us at Sophia Alexander can be set with your choice of beautiful precious birthstones or diamonds.

To add any birthstone to your fingerprint jewellery, please add £20 to the total cost (per stone). For diamond setting please add £75 to the total cost of your jewellery for a single 2mm standard diamond or £110 for a 2.5mm diamond.

Fingerprint Ring. Engraved in gold with 2 diamonds


Fingerprint Wedding rings and Commitment rings are typically set with two diamond, one each side of your fingerprint to frame it.

Our 4mm wide fingerprint rings are typically set with 2mm diamonds (£150), whilst our 6mm wide fingerprint rings are set with 2.5mm diamonds (£220).  

Birthstones can also be set into rings if required.  Please contact us to place a bespoke order.

9ct Gold Fingerprint Cross Necklace with Diamond



At Sophia Alexander, every necklace, charm and gift we make is available in both 9ct and 18ct fairtrade gold.  We use both fairtrade yellow and white gold.

We are also committed to obtaining our diamonds and gemstones from ethical and environmentally responsible sources.

The Kimberley Process began in May 2000, in Kimberley South Africa.

It is a commitment to remove conflict diamonds from the global supply chain, whilst protecting the legal trade of rough diamonds.

Conflict diamonds, or blood diamonds are rough diamonds that are used by rebel groups to finance wars against legitimate governments around the world.

The process safeguards the shipment of rough diamonds from diamond mines to designers and certifies them as conflict free.

Today, 81 governments around the world adhere to the process and 99.8% of the world’s diamonds come from conflict-free sources. 


Garnet Birthstone for January  Amethyst Birthstone for February  Aquamarine Birthstone for March  Diamond Birthstone for April  Emerald Birthstone for May  Pearl Birthstone for June
Ruby Birthstone for July  Peridot Birthstone for August  Sapphire Birthstone for September  Pink Tourmaline Birthstone for October  Yellow Citrine Birthstone for November  Blue Topaz Birthstone for December

Garnet Birthstone JanuaryGARNET - The January birthstone is known to be a symbol for eternal happiness, friendship, trust and wealth.

 Amethyst Birthstone FebruaryAMETHYST - The February birthstone is known to be a symbol for peace, courage, stability, strength and a clear and balance mind.   

Aquamarine Birthstone March AQUAMARINE - The March birthstone is known to be a symbol for honesty, faithfulness, tranquility and beauty.

Diamond Birthstone AprilDIAMOND / WHITE TOPAZ - The April birthstone is known to be a symbol for eternal love, bonding, relationships, commitments and loyalty.

Emerald Birthstone MayEMERALD - The May birthstone is known to be a symbol for life, good health, happiness, loyalty, friendship, patience, wisdom and faithfulness. 

Pearl Birthstone JunePEARL - The June birthstone is known to be a symbol for purity, chastity, modesty, faithfulness, friendship and loyalty.

If you would prefer a round faceted gemstone, we can set a green Alexandrite birthstone instead of a pearl.  Just let us know. 

 Ruby Birthstone JulyRUBY - The July birthstone is known to be a symbol for passion, strength, courage, friendship and good luck. 

 Peridot Birthstone AugustPERIDOT - The August birthstone is known to be a symbol for peace, good fortune, prosperity, happiness, love, influence and power.


Sapphire Birthstone SeptemberSAPPHIRE - The September birthstone is known to be a symbol for protection, loyalty, dignity, wisdom, power and faith.


Pink Tourmaline Birthstone OctoberPINK TOURMALINE - The October birthstone is known to be a symbol for peace, calm, tranquility and creativity.


Yellow Topaz Birthstone NovemberYELLOW CITRINE - The November birthstone is known to support vitality and promote health.  It is often is referred to as 'the healing Quartz. 

Blue Topaz Birthstone DecemberBLUE TOPAZ - The December birthstone is known to be a symbol for wealth, prosperity, strength, sensitivity, purity, integrity, dignity and good fortune.

We typically set sky blue topaz, but if you would prefer something with a deeper colour, London Blue Topaz is also available.

We can also set a beautiful indigo coloured Tanzanite birthstone in place of topaz if you prefer.  Just let us know.