Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery, Ashes JewelleryBecause it's Never the Right Time

“I knew I wanted my fathers prints to be engraved onto something that I could carry with me all the time.  

Something I could wear, touch and know that a part of him was still with me”.






Gold Fingerprint Cross Necklace - Memorial, Cremation and Bereavement Fingerprint Jewellery

More than Memories - Fingerprints and Ashes

At Sophia Alexander, we understand that losing a loved one can be the most impossibly difficult and emotional time. We also know that deciding how you will remember a lost loved one is an incredibly personal decision.

Our range of custom gold fingerprint charms, necklaces, rings and personalised memorial keepsakes offer a unique and poignant way to remember your special someone and to help with the grieving process.

Our pieces are designed to be worn daily or stored safely away.  Whatever you choose.

We can help you to take new fingerprint, handprint or footprint impressions, or we can work with any existing prints you might have.

We are also able to carefully set your loved ones cremation ashes behind beautiful diamonds or capture them behind hand-cut gold hearts so that you can carry a little piece of them with you always.     

Gold Fingerprint Star Necklace - Memorial, Cremation and Bereavement Fingerprint Jewellery

Standing the Test of Time

In over 16 years, we have worked with many clients, to help design and create beautiful, personal memorials to loved ones who are born sleeping, terminally ill or sadly no longer with us.

We work closely with our clients, taking the time to carefully guide them through the process, ensuring the experience is as straightforward as possible.

We will endeavour to meet any personal design requests. Please get in touch if you would like a small amount of ashes added to your piece.  We will discuss how this can be achieved. 



Silver Fingerprint Cross Necklaces - Memorial, Cremation and Bereavement Fingerprint Jewellery

Made not Manufactured

All gold and silver memorial fingerprint keepsakes are handmade in Suffolk, UK by specialist craftsmen using traditional tools and techniques.    They are cast in solid gold and silver and struck with a British Hallmark.

Many can be personalised further with hand engraved names, messages or special dates, or you can choose to add diamonds & birthstones.

We are honoured that our clients entrust us with this very special service.  To create something that will be truly cherished.

Every item is made to the highest possible quality.  A permanent, everlasting reminder to be held close to your heart forever.

Memorial, Cremation and Bereavement Fingerprint Jewellery by Sophia Alexander

Taking your Fingerprints, Handprints or Footprints

We find that very often, fingerprints, hand prints and footprint impressions have already been taken whilst your loved one has been in hospital, hospice care or whilst at the funeral home, but there is not a problem if this is not the case.

We can send you a simple impression kit or we can work with your own prints.  We will send this urgently if required. 

There are a number of ways to take your prints, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for further help and advice to capture your fingerprints.

If you would prefer for us to liaise with your hospice or funeral home on your behalf, please get in touch.

Heart Shaped Cremation Ash Necklace with Gold Heart and Engraved Handwriting.Adding Your Cremation Ashes

Adding ashes to the necklace or charm of your choice is a delicate task.

Your precious ashes will always be treated with the upmost care and respect.

All of our pieces are made to be approximately 2mm thick, which means we are able to create a space within them that is large enough to safely contain a tiny amount of ashes.  

We are able to add them to your piece of jewellery in two different ways:  

1.  The first way is to make a tiny hollow space in the surface of the gold or silver.  This is usually made on the back of the necklace.

Once the chamber is made, we gently place a tiny amount of your ashes inside.  They are then sealed in place with a gold heart, as seen here.

We are able to add both white or yellow gold hearts to either match the colour of your necklace or contrast.   

Gold and Diamond Cremation Ash necklace - Curved Heart

The second way is to seal a tiny amount of your ashes behind a beautiful sparkling diamond or a coloured diamond of your choice. 

In both cases, the cremation ashes are protectively sealed safely inside and cannot be seen.

We can safely add ashes to ANY of the necklaces shown on our website and to selected charms.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are unsure.  

Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery, Ashes Jewellery

Guided Printing Service

If your loved one is local to our studio in Kedington, Suffolk, UK and your hospice or funeral home needs help with taking fingerprints, handprints or footprints, we are more than happy to personally oversee and assist with the printing process to ensure you get the best prints possible.

Kedington is a small village halfway between the towns of Clare and Haverhill in South-West Suffolk.  We usually work within a 10 mile radius, but have previously provided assistance to customers as far afield as Linton, Newmarket, Sudbury and Saffron Walden.  

Thank you for considering us.

Memorial, Cremation and Bereavement Fingerprint Jewellery by Sophia Alexander  Memorial, Cremation and Bereavement Fingerprint Jewellery by Sophia Alexander  Memorial, Cremation and Bereavement Fingerprint Jewellery by Sophia Alexander Memorial, Cremation and Bereavement Fingerprint Jewellery by Sophia Alexander