Copyright for Sophia Alexander Gold Fingerprint Jewellery


 The name “SOPHIA ALEXANDER” is a registered trademark and cannot be used for selling jewellery, ornaments, sculptures, statues or figurines by anyone other than ourselves at Sophia Alexander.

It can also not be used in relation to jewellery design services, advertising services or retail services.

All images shown on the Sophia Alexander Fingerprint Jewellery website; in other company literature and in our marketing materials, are for your information only and are protected by UK copyright law.

You are not permitted to copy, publish, download, display or redistribute these images, or any other part of the Sophia Alexander UK website for any purpose other than legitimate use related to the company.

Infringement of any of the above would lead us to actively take civil action to seek damages.


Many of the pieces of personalised jewellery found on the Sophia Alexander Fingerprint Jewellery website resemble those seen on other websites selling similar items of jewellery.

However, we take all of our own photographs, so it is very clear when our images are taken and misused.


As a company, we would never intentionally set out to plagiarise the work of other companies, jewellers or designers.

However, it should be noted that if we are asked to make a unique custom design for a customer, we cannot be held responsible if this individual piece of jewellery resembles work created by someone other than ourselves. 

We have no way of 100% checking designs drawn by our customers.

Please refer to ourFingerprint Jewellery Facts page and ourTerms & Conditions page.