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UPDATED 01st September 2019


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This cookie policy provides you with details about how we collect, use and process cookies when you use this website.

It also provides you with details about your options when it comes to these cookies.



Cookies are pieces of information found on websites which record how you use that website.  They track when you visit a website; when you re-visit it; how you move around the website and how long you spend on certain pages and looking at certain products.

Cookies are used by online companies like ourselves, to help us understand how effective our website is and how it could be improved.  It also allows us to make informed choices when it comes to advertising and marketing.

For instance, it might influence which products we use in our advertisements.

We can see what products and pages are the most popular.

We can see where you have found our website.  For instance, did you find us from a Google search, or did you click through to us from Instagram or Facebook?

We might also use the information to help us develop new products and collections that are better suited to actual website users and customers.



Type 1:  Some cookies are essential to the workings of our website, as our shopping cart and social media buttons (for instance), cannot function without them.

You can choose to block them at any time using your internet browser settings., but it should be noted, that if you choose to block all cookies, it may render parts these of our website ineffective.

Type 2:  Other cookies are only stored on your computer whilst you are physically looking at our website.  These are deleted once you leave the site.

Neither of these types of cookies store any personal information about you whatsoever.  



Type 3:  Other cookies may store personal information, but pose no threat to your information or your computer.

These are the cookies that track when you visit a website; when you re-visit it; how you move around the website and how long you spend on certain pages and looking at certain products.

We have no way of personally identifying you as an individual from this information.

Type 4:  Some cookies are collected via our website provider Shopify:



Our website has been created and is hosted on a platform called Shopify ( which collects cookies by default unless you choose to block them.

These cookies track where you have found our website; the page you first arrive on; the amount of time spent on the website; the number of times you visit the website; which pages and products you look at and whether you add products to your shopping cart.

We Use Cookies!

The cookies on this website help to make your shopping experience as good as it can be.  By using cookies, we are able to personalise your shopping experience, improve your security and our website will recognize you when you return. It also helps us when we run ads, so that you only see ads that are relevant to you and might interest you. 

If you are okay with this, please click on the "I Accept Cookies" button below.   This means you agree that we can access and store cookies from your devices (unless you have disabled them).

If you're not sure, you can find more information about our Cookies policy and change your content choices by clicking on the "Change cookie Settings" button instead.

You can find our Cookie Policy here and our Privacy Policy here.