Voucher Codes and Special Offers

Voucher Codes and Special Offers Sophia Alexander Jewellery

The Sophia Alexander VIP Club

Joining our VIP club means you'll get exclusive early access to new designs and to our very special jewellery sample sales.

So what exactly are the sample sales?

Here in the studio we regularly come up with new design ideas and a lot of these ideas end up being made into samples.

We use our own fingerprints to make many of these as they go off to be displayed in shops and galleries, but often, we just like to make them into samples to show off what we can do!

And when we do this, we can use YOUR prints

Once designed and sketched, we like to give our lovely VIP club members the chance to buy these very special pieces at an incredible 50% off.

So How Does It Work?

Every time we decide to bring a new design to life, we'll let you know in your inbox.

You can then decide whether the design is right for you and if you're interested, just let us know.

You can phone, email or let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

We'll randomly select a winner to receive this piece of jewellery at Half Price.

Names will be randomly drawn and we'll announce the winner via email and social media.

We'll then send you an impression kit in the post and we'll get to work.

And What's the Catch?

No catch at all.

The only thing we ask is that the winner must agree for photographs of the finished piece to be shared across our website and social media channels.

We especially love photographs of our pieces being worn out in the wild.

After that, the piece of jewellery is yours to keep forever.

Sound Like a Plan?

If you have any questions at all, or if you decide you'd like to unsubscribe from this list, please get in touch.  We're always more than happy to help.

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