March 15, 2019 2 min read

We take photographs all the time.  Some of us on an almost daily basis. 

At least once a year we go out as a family and take some really special photographs, at roughly the same time in the autumn, so that year in, year out we can see how the children’s faces change, how their personalities develop and how they slowly turn into the people they’re one day going to be.  It’s amazing to compare.

Our photographs visually record how people change, but how do we record the other changes.  The ones we can’t see?

A little while ago, there was another one of those funny questionnaires doing the rounds on social media.  You know the ones.  Ask your child to answer these questions………..

What’s your favourite colour?  Who’s your best friend?  What do you want to be when you get older?

I’ve done these a few times in the past, but I’ve never considered making a physical copy that I could keep.

Then on the first day back at school last September, I happened to see a photograph of a friend’s little girl holding up a poster showing her 5-year old answers to these questions. 

Oh my goodness how precious and what a good idea!

A quick glace on Pinterest revealed that there are plenty of people who’ve already decided to do this already.  The perfect keepsake to add to a childhood memories box.

Of course you don’t have to make a huge poster (unless you want your child to hold it up in a photograph), an A4 sheet is a lovely manageable size to store away for the future.

There’s plenty pf space for all the information you want to include and they can be easily laminated to keep their memories perfectly preserved.

So here’s the moment in time sheet that I’ve put together for my own children.  Feel free to download the free printable.

Try to ask your children these questions once a year at the same time.  A time that you’ll easily remember.

The first day back at school in September is always a good one, as is the last day of the summer term, Christmas, or the first day of the New Year.

I hope you enjoy making your memory sheets as much as I do.

Here are the list of questions, but if you’d prefer to download my template for free, you can find it here.


What is the Date?

What is Your Name?

How Old Are You?

How tall are you?

Where do you live?

What is your favourite colour?

What is your favourite song?

What is Your favourite animal?

What is your favourite food?

What is your favourite book?

What is your favourite film / movie?

What is your favourite place to go?

What is your favourite thing to do?

Who are your friends?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What are you afraid of?

What makes you happy? What is your favourite food?

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