Coronavirus Store Update

Sophia Alexander Jewelry Covid-19 Store Update 2020

Hello lovely people.  I really have missed you all.  Customers and colleagues alike. 

I'm back from my coronavirus sick leave - well, almost.

I still shaking the last of the Covid symptoms.

My glands are still swollen, my poor liver hasn't quite forgiven or forgotten, I'm still taking some pretty heavy duty anti-sickness medication and the children still have a few concerning symptoms, but all in all, almost 6 months on we're an awful lot better than we were.

It's been frightening and it's fair to say that we've had better years, but I'm beyond grateful to all the paramedics, hospital staff, doctors, nurses & volunteers who helped us.


Thank you!

To each and every one of you who sent your messages and love.  To each of our wonderful clients who decided to wait for their commissions and to each of out poor wedding ring couples who have had their wedding dates changed and delayed again and again. 

There are too many of you to name, but I appreciate all of you.

Unfortunately, it isn't over, but this is progress. 

I'm currently working my way through my waiting list customers, so if you would like to be placed onto the list, get in touch via phone or email.  I'm never far away from a phone.
I am of course, prioritising people in urgent need.  Where people need impression kits immediately and where commissions simply cannot wait.

Fortunately, our tiny village post office is open almost every morning to take my packages.

However, there may at times be minor delays in getting pieces cast in precious metal, at our engravers and at the Assay Office (which affects getting jewellery hallmarked).

For now, I'm throughly enjoying being back at my bench, creating a whole host of exciting new custom designs and talking to everyone.

You'll notice that have added my calendar to the website, so that you can set up digital appointments with me via Zoom, so I can provide a more comprehensive personalised virtual service.

I hope you're all well, staying safe during these uncertain times, and I hope to see and speak with you all very soon.

Stay safe everyone.