Engraved Fingerprint Wedding Rings, Commitment Rings, Memorial Rings


What Is Hand Engraving? 

Our premium range of hand engraved fingerprint rings are exquisitely engraved in the finest detail by expert tradesmen in the heart of London’s renowned Hatton Garden.

Hand engravers train for many years to obtain the astonishing skills required to embellish precious metals with photographs, artwork, calligraphy and more.

Their specialist knowledge, artistic ability and attention to detail is second to none. 

Every line and letter, patiently crafted using traditional hand tools and techniques.  Creating completely unique, quality pieces of jewellery and gifts that can be passed on for future generations to treasure.



Engraved Fingerprint Wedding Rings, Commitment Rings, Memorial Rings

What is Laser Engraving? 

Our range of contemporary laser engraved rings are engraved precisely by machine using almost any pattern, font or image you can imagine.  

Laser engraving on precious metals produces a deeper, darker and very modern engraved effect.  The lines created are crisp, defined, blackened and highly detailed.







Ring Sizing Kit for Engraved Fingerprint Wedding Rings, Commitment Rings, Memorial Rings



Fingerprint Ring Sizes

Ladies fingerprint  rings are typically 4mm bands in sizes J - Q.   
Men’s fingerprint  rings are 6mm in sizes R - Z.

If your finger size falls outside this range, or you would like to order your ring in a different width or style, we will try out best to accommodate you.

Can ring's be re-sized?

Once you place your order, we will get in touch with you to make sure all of your personal information is correct, we will then send you out a gift wrapped fingerprint ring kit.

This includes a black non-permanent ink pad, impression cards, a ring sizing kit and full instructions.

You can alternatively submit existing prints if you wish, but we will insist on taking our own finger measurements and cannot rely on ones you may have had taken elsewhere. 

We use our own sets of sample rings to 100% confirm the size of your finger before your actual ring is made.  This sample set includes all full and half sizes to make sure your measurement is absolutely perfect.

Once you are happy with your sample ring size, return the sample sets to us with your fingerprint and we then make a blank ring.

This is your actual ring in the size that you have selected, but it will not yet be engraved.

We send it to you for one final fitting to ensure that it is a perfect fit before any engraving or stone setting takes place.

We take every care to ensure that your ring fits.  

Prior to engraving, all personalised fingerprint rings can be re-sized.

It is very important to note that once engraved and set with diamonds or gemstones, it is not always possible to re-size a ring, so it is crucial that you are happy with the fit.

Re-sizing a ring often involves cutting the ring and this would spoil the engravings.

Most times, we will not be able to re-size Titanium laser engraved rings at all because of the nature of the precious metal.

There are several things that can effect the way a ring fits on your finger, including certain medical conditions, pregnancy or if your hands are hot or cold.  We do not recommend purchasing a ring if there is a chance that you are pregnant.

Once your ring has been engraved and completed, if you have an issue with sizing, we will endeavour to rectify this or you if at all possible, but there will be an additional re-sizing cost associated with this.  This price will depend on the amount of reconstruction required.

Please note that all ring sizing kits and sample rings have to be returned to us via insured postage before we will proceed with your order. 

Fully insured return postage is included with all UK orders, but overseas clients will have to pay for any additional shipping or customs charges. 

We cannot be help responsible for additional postage or taxes applied by counties outside the UK.

Custom Wedding Ring, Engraved Fingerprint, Yellow Gold with Diamonds

Completely Customisable Ring Design

Our custom fingerprint rings are made for individual customers.  
They are made to accommodate unique fingerprints of various shapes and sizes.  Customised text will also vary in style, font and length.

Fingerprint quality between different people varies hugely depending on many factors, including age, health and hereditary factors.  
If we do not feel that the fingerprint submitted is suitable, we will inform you immediately.

All of these things will alter the look of the fingerprint ring you receive.

It is also important to note that where gemstones, semi-precious stones and pearls are selected, these may also vary in colour, size and shape.

In conclusion, this means that your fingerprint ring will inevitably vary slightly from the photographed images seen on our website.  This should be noted and expected.  


Gold Fingerprint Ring with Wedding Vows

Why will my Fingerprint Ring take 8 weeks?

Every fingerprint ring we create is handmade using traditional techniques.  Rings are engraved, stone set, polished and hallmarked the by Assay Office.

At each stage, your ring is dealt with by the relevant expert.  Producing these quality pieces is a lengthy process and it is not possible for us to “speed it up” or to provide an express service.

We believe that everything we make for our clients is worth the wait.






How to take fingerprints for Engraved Fingerprint Wedding Rings, Commitment Rings, Memorial Rings


Semi Permanent Ink

Your fingerprint kit includes a small fingerprint ink pad filled with black, skin safe, non-permanent ink and 2 large A5 fingerprint Impression cards.

This is a quick and easy way of taking fingerprints.

Each pad will take between 800 and 1000 fingerprint impressions. 
They make it very difficult to apply to much or too little ink to your finger, so are ideal for taking clear prints. 

Press your finger lightly onto the pad to transfer a thin layer of ink over the entire surface, then gently touch the fingerprint card provided, carefully & only once to produce your print.

As the ink inside is semi permanent, any inky residue remaining on your finger is easily removed by rubbing your fingers together; by washing your hands with a little water, or using a wet wipe. 

We advise that you take as many fingerprints as you can fit onto the cards. 

Please do not send us only one or two prints as it leaves us with very little to work with.

All prints should then be sent back to us so that we can see which is the best to replicate in the precious metal of your choice.

How to take fingerprints for Engraved Fingerprint Wedding Rings, Commitment Rings, Memorial Rings

Can you use existing prints?

Existing fingerprints taken using ink, HB pencil, or in other ways are usually fine as long as the impression taken is clear and defined.  You must be able to see the lines that make up the fngerprint.

We will let you know immediately if the impression is unsuitable.

We would never use a fingerprint impression that we do not consider detailed enough to add to precious metal and would always recommend re-taking the fingerprint is necessary.

Will you return my fingerprint impressions?

We will return all fingerprint impressions to clients who would like them, or we can archive them here if you wish.

Are you able to print children?

The simple answer is that we can (and will) try but ink fingerprinting is often not suitable until children are much older. 

Fingerprints in young children are not defined enough for the pattern to be clearly seen in ink. 

Often, all you see is a blur of poorly defined lines.

In the past, we've managed to successfully fingerprint 5 and 6-year-olds and we've been able to edit their prints to make them clear enough to engrave onto wedding rings - but - we've also seen many cases where children of 10 years or older still do not have a clear enough print. 

We will always send you a ink fingerprinting kit to see if you can get a successful print, then, if the print is not clear enough,  we can simply try again at a later date for no additional charge.

As an alternative, we are able to laser engrave hand prints and footprints of very young infants onto rings.  This process is suitable from birth.

Is there an upper age limit for engraved fingerprint rings?

Although there is no upper age limit for fingerprints, a persons skin elasticity does
decrease with age and fingerprint ridges can become less prominent.  This can make the prints look blurred and less detailed.

Many adults have wrinkles and scars over their finger tips.  These can appear as missing sections in the ink print, but they are still  very much part of your individual fingerprint.

This is most often found in elderly people; people with certain medical conditions andpeople who work in occupations where there is a lot of wear on their hands.

Some people naturally have less defined fingerprints than others. This can simply be hereditary.  

We recommend that you submit your fingerprints so that we can test how well they will translate onto a ring.

Our engravers are happy to ‘fill in’ any missing parts of your fingerprints if you like, but we will always liaise with you and give you our advice at every stage of the process.  Many people prefer to leave the prints exactly how they appear on paper.

Whilst we can ‘clean up’ and edit fingerprint impressions, unfortunately, we cannotcompletely recreate a print if it is not there.