Fingerprint wedding rings in white gold with diamonds

How it Works

Once you have placed your order, we will contact you to make sure we have all the correct personal information.


A gift wrapped fingerprinting ring kit, with ring sizing kit will then be posted out to you straight away.


Your engraved fingerprint ring kit includes:

1 small fingerprint ink pad filled with skin safe, non-permanent ink.

2 A5 cards to take your impressions on.

1 set of aluminium ring blanks in full and half sizes.

Full instructions for taking perfect ink fingerprints and for correctly measuring your ring finger.

A photograph of a finger taking an ink fingerprint on a piece of white card


Each pad will take between 800 and 1000 fingerprint impressions.
They make it very difficult to apply to much or too little ink to your finger, so are ideal for taking clear prints.

The ink inside is semi permanent and is easily removed by rubbing your fingers together; by washing your hands with a little water, or using a wet wipe.

We advise that you take as many fingerprints as you can fit onto the cards.

All prints should then be sent back to us so that we can see which is the best to replicate in the precious metal of your choice.


how to measure your finger for your personalised fingerprint ring


Prior to engraving, all personalized fingerprint rings can be re-sized.

It is very important to note that once engraved, it is not always possible to re-size a ring, especially titanium rings, so it is crucial that you are happy with the fit.

Once your ring has been engraved and completed, if you have an issue with sizing, we will try our best to rectify this, but it may not be possible and there will be an additional re-sizing cost. 

Re-sizing a ring often involves cutting the ring and this would spoil the engravings.

We always send out a set of sample rings to 100% confirm the size of your finger before your actual ring is made. 

Full instructions for fitting are included.

Once you are happy with your ring size, we then make a blank ring.  This is an actual ring in your chosen size that is not yet engraved. We send this to you for one final fitting to ensure that your ring is perfect before any engraving or stone setting takes place.

Every care is taken to ensure that your ring is a perfect fit before any engraving takes place. 

We recommend that you keep the ring sizing for one week.

Once you are completely happy that you have the correct ring size, you should complete your order form and return it together with the ring sizing kit and your fingerprints.

We cannot proceed with your ring order before you return the sizing kit.

If you have a scanner, you can scan and email us the prints, or, you can send us a good photocopy so that you can keep your original prints.

Hand Engraved fingerprint rings in white gold with diamonds

Engraved Handwriting

For those customers interested in having samples of handwriting engraved, our engravers are able to engrave almost any style of handwriting onto your ring.

Their specialist knowledge and attention to detail are second to none.

Some examples of handwritingthat we have engraved, include signatures; personal messages; writing from the inside of old birthday cards; writing from children’s drawings and writing from the backs of old photographs.

Writing can be from a child or adult, but it is important that it is legible.

The handwriting sample you send will be replicated on your ring.

We are unfortunately unable to improve your handwriting!

There is no need to send us original, sentimental writing samples.
If you have a scanner, you can scan and email us a copy of the handwriting, or, you can send us a good photocopy.  


Engraving handwriting onto wedding and remembrance rings

A Final Note

The best part of the print you submit will be exactly replicated in precious metal.

You should always be able to see a clearly defined print.

If you are not completely happy with your prints, return them to us & we will let you know whether they are suitable.

Prints should be returned to us using the stamp addressed envelope

Orders usually take up to 8 weeks, once your prints are received by us.  If you need help with any of the instructions given, please don’t hesitate to contact us.