Luxury Gift Boxed Engraved Fingerprint Jewellery Kit

At Sophia Alexander, we understand that it's not always easy to buy jewellery for someone else!

The jewellery we choose to wear is a very personal choice and although surprises are sometimes nice, often, we like to choose our own.

We also know that sometimes, a lot of people simply leave it too late to order - fingerprint rings and necklaces take up to 8 weeks to create which can catch people out!

Beautiful luxury gift-boxed impression kits are the perfect choice when you want to leave all the important decisions up to the wearer. 

Each engraved fingerprint kit includes everything you will need to take several ink fingerprint impressions (just to make sure we get at least one absolutely perfect print)! 

It also includes an instruction booklet full of hints and tips and a pre-paid envelope so that you can safely return your prints to us via a Royal Mail signed-for service.

Or, you can choose to send us your prints electronically. 

We are completely happy to work from photographs or scanned and emailed copies so that you can keep hold of your original precious prints.

Each gift box is carefully tied with a beautifully printed Sophia Alexander white and silver chiffon ribbon and it is finished with a handmade wax seal.

If you like, we can also pop a fingerprint jewellery gift card into your package for you - remember to ask!

Each gift voucher comes with its own gift card and envelope. 
We can either fill the card in for you with a special message for the recipient or leave it blank for you. 

And the best part of all? 

When you order any piece of jewellery from the Sophia Alexander website that includes your fingerprint impression, we will refund the price of your fingerprint kit.

One single engraved fingerprint impression kit includes:

  • 1 Luxury gift box complete with ribbons and wax seal
  • 1 small fingerprint ink pad filled with skin-safe, non-permanent ink.
  • 4 Fingerprint Impression cards to take impressions on.
  • 1 Pre-paid returns envelope so that you can easily return your fingerprints to us here in the studio if you want to.

Taking ink fingerprints in the comfort of your own home is a quick and simple process. 

Simply press your finger lightly onto the surface of the ink pad.

Transfer a layer of ink over the entire surface, making sure the ink has covered the entire pad of the finger or thumb.

Touch the card provided lightly, carefully & only once to produce a print.

Any inky residue remaining on the finger is simply removed by rubbing the fingers together or wiping clean.

We do not recommend fingerprinting children under the age of 12 years as, before this, their fingerprints have naturally not yet developed to be seen in the ink - but you are welcome to try!

Fingerprints of young children are not often defined enough for the pattern to be clearly seen in ink, however, some children do have clear fingerprints at a much younger age. 

It's worth noting that occasionally, we do find that even adults have faint fingerprints due to a whole host of reasons.

In elderly people and where there has been a lot of wear and tear on the hands, fingerprint ridges can become less prominent.  This can make the prints look less detailed.

Many adults also have wrinkles and scars over their fingertips which can appear as missing sections in the ink print, but they are still very much part of their individual fingerprint.

We will always discuss this with you before we proceed with any jewellery order and we are always on hand to help if you run into any difficulties. 

You are always welcome to phone us on 01440 510 050 

Email us at 

Or even set up a Virtual Zoom appointment with us

All prices shown here include free postage within the UK.
For international orders, please 
contact the Sophia Alexander customer care team on 01440510050 before ordering.

Product Information

Ladies fingerprint wedding rings are usually available in sizes J to Q 1/2.

Mens fingerprint wedding rings are usually available in sizes R to Z 1/2.

If your ring size falls outside this range, please contact us and we will see what we can do to help you.

Rings are typically available as 4mm ladies rings or as 6mm Men's rings, as we feel this provides a good width to perfectly display each fingerprint.We typically use medium weight rings as standard, which have an approximate depth of 1.8mm.We find these to be very comfortable and are the perfect depth for diamond setting, although light and heavy weight bands can also be purchased on request.

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