We make up memorial impression kits individually to your own specifications, depending on the type of impression you would like on your piece of memorial jewellery.

Memorial Jewellery Impression kits have special instructions and can include any of the following:

Fingerprint impression kit

  • 1 pot of blue skin safe impression material
  • 1 pot of white skin safe impression material
  • 2 support cards to take impressions on

The kit contains enough moulding material for 4 impressions.


Handprint and footprint Impression kit

  • 1 inkless wipe
  • 2 sheets of sensitized paper

The kit contains enough sensitised paper for several impressions.


Engraved Fingerprint impression kit

  • 1 small fingerprint ink pad filled with skin safe, non-permanent ink.
  • 2 Fingerprint Impression cards

The kit contains enough ink for a large number of impressions.

  All prices shown here include free postage  within the UK.
For international orders, please 
contact the Sophia Alexander customer care team on 01440510050  before ordering.