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Our premium hand engraved fingerprint wedding rings are designed & individually hand crafted just for you.

Exquisitely engraved in the finest detail by expert tradesmen in the heart of London’s renowned Hatton Garden.

Their specialist knowledge, artistic ability and attention to detail is second to none. 

Every line is patiently crafted using traditional hand tools and techniques.  Creating completely custom, quality wedding rings that can be passed on for future generations to treasure.

Add an engraved name, or completely unique handwritten personal message.


Hand Engraving is a traditional craft and skill dating back to the middle ages, that involves a considerable measure of skill, knowledge and training. 

It involves an in depth knowledge of different precious metals, impeccable attention to detail, artistic skill and patience, ensuring each piece is completely unique. 

Our engravers have many years of experience working at the heart of Hatton Garden, the London jewellery district, and are experts in their field.

Your engraving will be 100% hand crafted with the tiniest, most intricate of details.

From the first cut, to the final polish, your fingerprint engraving will not be ‘machined’ in any way.



Our Court profile fingerprint rings have a traditional rounded or domed shape, with a very slightly curved inner surface to provide a very comfortable fit.

They are designed to be comfortable to wear every day for the rest of your life.

We alternatively offer a flat court shaped ring if your prefer.  These rings have a modern, flat outside profile, with the same slightly curved inner surface providing a comfortable fit.



At Sophia Alexander, all our beautiful, quality fingerprint rings are made from the finest materials we can source

Every exquisite loop, whorl, arch and detail is immortalised in stunning precious metal.

Our hand engraved fingerprint rings are available in the precious metals seen below:

 9ct Yellow Gold 9ct White Gold 9ct Rose Gold
18ct Yellow Gold 18ct White Gold 18ct Rose Gold 


We cannot hand engrave onto Titanium, as the metal is too hard to pierce with hand tools.  If you would like a Titanium Fingerprint Ring, please see our Laser Engraved Rings page here.

Product Information

Ladies fingerprint wedding rings are usually available in sizes J to Q 1/2.

Mens fingerprint wedding rings are usually available in sizes R to Z 1/2.

If your ring size falls outside this range, please contact us and we will see what we can do to help you.

Rings are typically available as 4mm ladies rings or as 6mm Men's rings, as we feel this provides a good width to perfectly display each fingerprint.We typically use medium weight rings as standard, which have an approximate depth of 1.8mm.We find these to be very comfortable and are the perfect depth for diamond setting, although light and heavy weight bands can also be purchased on request.

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