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This large curved heart shaped paw print pendant is the perfect way for any animal lover to capture their beloved pets prints.

It can be made in both 9ct and 18ct gold, and in the full suite of yellow, white and rose gold shades. 

We are immensely proud to also offer it in certified ethical 9ct and 18ct fairtrade and fairmined gold and premium, bright white, tarnish resistant silver.

There is plenty of space for larger, detailed impressions, birthstones, diamonds, engraved names or a personal written message.  

Designed for two paw prints or a single hoof print, although multiple paw prints can be added as seen here.  All impressions are carefully miniaturised to ensure a perfect fit.

At Sophia Alexander, every large paw print pendant is custom made to order and we carefully shape every impression to ensure a perfect fit.

We have over a decade of experience dealing with bespoke jewellery commissions.

Your design will be discussed with you in detail before we start to work on your piece of jewellery. 

Get in touch at any point.  We're here to help.


Each piece of impression jewellery takes approximately 6-8 weeks to create

 once we have received your prints.  

We will liaise with you at each stage of the making process, to keep you updated.


All our beautiful pet and animal print jewellery is handmade using the finest materials we can source.

Every detail is immortalised in stunning 9ct gold, 18ct gold or tarnish resistant silver.

All large paw print and hoof print pendants are available in the precious metals seen below:

Tarnish Resistant Silver  9ct Yellow Gold 9ct White Gold 9ct Rose Gold
9ct Yellow Fairtrade Gold 9ct White Fairtrade Gold 9ct Rose Fairtrade Gold
18ct Yellow Gold 18ct White Gold 18ct Rose Gold
18ct Yellow Fairtrade Gold 18ct White Fairtrade Gold 18ct Rose Fairtrade Gold

**Keyrings - If you would like to add a keyring fob and chain to your pendant please note:

Although we can make the animal print pendant part in any precious metal of your choice, if you choose to add a keyring fob and chain, these are only available in sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold.


How Big Will My Pawprint or Hoof Print Pendant Be ?

Large paw print or hoof print pendants are approximately the size of a 50 pence piece which is quite large when worn as a necklace.

They are all made to be reassuringly deep at approximately 2mm, giving every impression a wonderful 3 dimensional quality.


How Much Room Is There For Extra Details?

Large paw print or hoof print pendants are the perfect size for longer engraved names and dates.

The number of prints chosen and the shape of your prints will determine exactly how much can be engraved on the front, but there is usually plenty of space for short personal messages on the reverse.

We are often asked to engrave quite long inscriptions. Let us know what you would like and we will be able to tell you exactly what is possible.

We will discuss all aspects of the design with you before we start to work on your piece of jewellery.

You can also choose to personalise your paw print pendant with one or more beautiful professionally set diamonds or birthstones.

Please Note

Chains, bracelets, personalised name tags and accessories are not included and if required, should be ordered separately.

Product Information

Ladies fingerprint wedding rings are usually available in sizes J to Q 1/2.

Mens fingerprint wedding rings are usually available in sizes R to Z 1/2.

If your ring size falls outside this range, please contact us and we will see what we can do to help you.

Rings are typically available as 4mm ladies rings or as 6mm Men's rings, as we feel this provides a good width to perfectly display each fingerprint.We typically use medium weight rings as standard, which have an approximate depth of 1.8mm.We find these to be very comfortable and are the perfect depth for diamond setting, although light and heavy weight bands can also be purchased on request.

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