Metal Purity:
9ct Yellow Gold


A stunning, premium heavyweight bracelet with a modern toggle style clasp and tiny heart charm.

A very substantial statement bracelet.

Toggle bracelets are made up of simple silver links, joined together to create a pretty and heavy trace chain.

They are fastened using the silver toggle clasp

Perfectly display your bespoke fingerprint charms.

Available in sterling silver.

Our premium toggle-style bracelets are handmade in the UK by some of the most recognised quality jewellery manufacturers.

The toggle bracelet seen here is shown with a star-shaped handprint charm, large enough for a single print, which is approximately the size of a 20 pence piece.

Prices are based on a single silver Toggle Bracelet.

Standard bracelet length shown here is: 7.5” / 19cm

Bespoke Orders: 

Please ask if you would like to purchase a bracelet in any other length.  Chains are all handmade to order, so we are usually able to provide any length that suits you.

Get in touch if you would like something a little different.


A standard length women's 7.5" charm bracelet

Bracelet Lengths:  

Our standard or most popular bracelet length is 7.5"

This is the traditional length for a women's bracelet and is just over 19cm - 19.05cm to be exact.

It will usually sit comfortably on the wrist allowing a little movement as seen in the photograph here.

The 7.5" chain is the bracelet size available to add to the shopping cart above. 

It is important to note that we have provided this picture as a guide only.

Bracelets will appear differently on different people as wrist sizes can vary greatly among individuals.

This difference is much more noticeable between men and women, where men's wrists are often larger. 

It is always a good idea to measure your own wrist or the wrist of the person you are buying the bracelet for to ensure a proper fit.

Please get in touch if you are unsure. 

The most important thing is to choose a bracelet length that works for you. 


Precious Metals Available: 

Our Toggle charm bracelets are available in sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold as standard but if you would like something else, please get in touch. 

Although we make 14-carat gold charms, pendants, and gifts, at the moment, 14-carat chains are rare in the UK.  If you would specifically like a 14 karat chain please let us know, but note that it will need to be imported.  

Our Chains:  

Our toggle charm bracelets are handmade in the UK by some of the most recognised quality jewellery manufacturers.

The bracelet seen here is shown with a small gold star pendant with a single miniature handprint.

Prices are based on a single toggle charm bracelet. 

The fingerprint charm shown here is priced separately.