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My children have always loved the idea of the tooth fairy – A magical little person with wings that flies to their bedside in the night and makes all that tooth wobbling worth it with a letter and a shiny coin.

The tooth fairy seems to reinforce the idea that losing a tooth is a real childhood milestone moment and makes the whole thing bizarrely exciting.

It’s nice to get on board when they’re that excited!

So, a few years ago now, I started writing letters from the tooth fairy, to leave by their bed with their shiny coin every time they lost a tooth.

And the letters had an interesting side effect.  They loved the letters *from* the tooth fairy so much, that they wanted to write letter *to* the tooth fairy in return.

Writing to the Tooth Fairy is such a lovely exercise.  It really doesn’t seem to matter how many letters they write, they never seem run out of questions for him or her.

From “What’s your name?” and “Where do the Tooth Fairies live?”, to “What do tooth Fairies do with the teeth?”.

Does the Tooth Fairy Leave a Note? (Free Printable Tooth Fairy Letter)

Before they could write their own letters properly, they used to tell me what they wanted to know and I’d write for them.  Then we had those few wonderful years when they appeared downstairs with ready-written letters.  All beautifully coloured and decorated.

But there are a couple of problems with being Tooth Fairy for the night:

  1. Parents are BUSY! And it’s not always that easy to find the time at the end of a long day once everyone is tucked up in bed and you still have eleventy-billion things to do.
  2. It’s not that I lack imagination, but sometimes it’s hard to think what to write.
    That’s what always takes up the most time - Coming up with ideas!

    Does the Tooth Fairy Leave a Note? (Free Printable Tooth Fairy Letter)

With that in mind, here are a few tips that might be some help:

  1. Get your children to ask the Tooth Fairy questions in the letters they write. It makes your life so much easier if all you really have to do is come up with answers to a few questions.
    Make sure they only write a few questions!!  Tell them that the Tooth Fairy is super busy collecting teeth from lots of other children and won’t have time to write an essay.

  2. Savvy kids will soon come to recognise Mum or Dad’s handwriting! I’ve become quite good at disguising my handwriting, but if that sounds like way too much hassle, sometimes it’s quicker and easier to type your letter and print it out.

  3. If you want your letter to look a little more decorative, find and print out a nice A4 page border. You can find lots of free templates using Google images (Or you can use my free Tooth Fairy letter template below).  Cut out the letter you’ve written and stick it onto the template page.

  4. Props are great! In the last couple of years, shops everywhere in the UK seem to have started selling props that can be used to make the Tooth Fairy experience extra special.
    Everywhere from The Works, to Amazon and Pound Land are now stocking tiny cotton drawstring bags to put teeth safely into (a fantastic idea if your child likes to put their tooth underneath their pillow as trying to retrieve said tooth at midnight without waking them is a complete nightmare) and little wooden fairy doors to prop up against the bottom of a bedroom wall.
    I’ve even spotted “Fairy meeting Place” signs, dolls footprints pushed into glitter, and small collections of Forest Fairy accessory sets to completely set the scene.

  5. Something to eat and drink. I have no idea why (it might be something to do with leaving out snacks for Santa and his reindeer), but my children always liked to leave out a little something for their Tooth Fairy’s tea break. Having 2 girls that loved to play with dolls house miniatures, I always had tiny cups and plates to hand, but anything will do.

  6. Come up with a fairy name for yourself.  I’ve found that most kids seem to like the idea of having their very own Tooth Fairy that returns to their bedroom time and time again.

  7. Think of a great-sounding fairy address to write at the top of the letter – Your child will be fascinated by whatever magical place you make up.

  8. Make it personal! It’s extra magical when your child’s very own Tooth Fairy seems to know all about them.  Mention a pet or a sibling, a special piece of school work, or something they’ve done that day.

  9. Remember to say whether this is the first tooth you’ve ever collected, or whether you’ve been before. If you have time, you could talk about your journey to collect their tooth, all the way from your magical home; the weather outside and what you’ve had to wear (you get the idea).

  10. Do they still have the tooth? Or has it been swallowed or lost?  Lost somewhere in the house or at school?  What does it look like?  Have they taken very good care of it?

  11. Remind them to brush their teeth! The Tooth Fairy is the very best person to promote great dental hygiene and remind them that brushing needs to be 3 minutes, twice a day – soooo much better than Mum or Dad telling them!

  12. What little treat are you leaving in exchange for their lovely, sparkly tooth? Apparently (according to Google) the going rate for the Tooth Fairy in 2020 was £9.05 per tooth.
    - My kids are perfectly happy with their one shiny £1. It’s the rest of the magic they really love.

    Does the Tooth Fairy Leave a Note? (Free Printable Tooth Fairy Letter)

Letter to the tooth fairy – Free Printable Template

Letter to the tooth Fairy – Free Printable Template (Blank, write your own letter version)

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