January 02, 2022 3 min read

January is perhaps the most difficult month of the year to make a bucket list.  The colour and sparkle of the Christmas lights has been packed away for another year, the bustle of Christmas activities has slipped into the background and the weather outside is….


It’s the UK, so it’s wet, cold, damp, icy, frosty, and foggy – minus the exciting possibility of snow that they get in other parts of the world.

The clocks have gone back so days are long and dark and most of us are just waiting around at home for the sunshine to return.

It’s perhaps the one month of the year where even I struggle to see it’s redeeming qualities.

So, what exactly can you do with your small humans if you want to plan in some fun?

Most of our family activities tend to revolve around *things we can do to make walking interesting*, so I take the children out for different walks and to different parks trying to include things like bird spotting, bug hunting and treasure hunts.

They never seem to tire of just, exploring.  Being curious and creative and all those things that come naturally to them.

So this January, instead of *just* hiding at away at home in front of the internet, let’s try and have a little more fun.  Try to be a little more active and banish the January blues!

Maybe make something yummy, be a bit creative, make more time for family-time and if the weather’s good enough, grab your gloves and wellies and head outside for some much-needed fresh air.

There’s probably a lot more to do than you think!

I’ve included a January bucket list below of everything I could think of but there’s probably way more I could add.  

The list is downloadable and printable (Here)

– And I’ve tried to make it pretty (just in case you want to stick it up somewhere).

I’ve included a blank dot-grid page (with the same pretty border) just in case you want to add ideas of your own.

Can you think of anything else?

Outdoor Adventures . . . . .

  1. Collecting pinecones.
  2. Walking – Parks, woods, nature reserves and nature trails.
  3. Bike riding.
  4. Wild Swimming – Only for older children, adults and the very brave.
  5. Stargazing walks.
  6. Welly walks and puddle jumping.
  7. Bug and wildlife hunting.
  8. Bird spotting – The Big Garden Birdwatch takes place from the 28th-30th of January.
    You can sign up online on the RSPB website.
  9. Winter treasure or scavenger hunt in your local park – Make a list of things you know will be easy to spot and go hunting. Look out for spider webs, animal footprints, red hawthorn berries and pinecones.
  10. Photography walks – Inspire curiosity with any phone, tablet, or camera.


Indoors Adventures - Away from Home . . . . .

  1. Indoor swimming
  2. Cinema
  3. Visit a museum or a castle.
  4. Visit the library
  5. Outdoor ice rinks – These tend to spring up all over the place at this time of year.
    Keep an eye out in local Facebook groups.


Adventures at Home . . . . .

  1. Baking apple pie, sugar cookies and gingerbread (gingerbread people and houses!)
  2. Making simple sweets – Fudge, fruit & peppermint creams, marshmallows, sugar mice.
  3. Making homemade soup.
  4. Making different flavoured hot chocolate or mulled apple cider (or any other winter themed drink).
  5. Movie or TV-series marathon
  6. Making wild bird houses and bird baths.
  7. Making wild bird feeders.
  8. Making chocolate fondue & s’mores indoors (using Digestive biscuits here in the UK).
  9. Toasting marshmallows in the garden – (If you make a fire-mound it won’t burn/spoil any plants or grass).
  10. Making scented playdough, salt dough or slime (think cinnamon playdough).
  11. Building a blanket den or fort indoors.
  12. Playing board games, card games, charades or family computer games.
  13. Start growing salad leaf’s, spinach, spring onions and herb seeds in windowsill trays.
  14. Making a wishing tree or wish-jar for the coming year. Loosely based on the idea of a resolution.  What’s the one thing you all wish for this year?  What’s your one wish right now?
  15. Make colourful, scented bubbly bath bombs.
  16. Family karaoke – Or, learn a TikTok dance or two.
  17. Start designing , decorating and putting together a scrapbook/journal for the coming year – You’ll need somewhere nice to put all your photographs!
  18. Write thank you notes for any special gifts or to any special people.
  19. Complete a “Moment in Time” sheet for everyone in the family.
  20. Decorate and start a Family Memory Jar.

Nb. I have included below a few paid-activities, but in all honesty, these aren’t things I do myself. 
Mostly because there’s quite a lot we can do at home if the weather outside is too foul.

So, what else would you add to your very own January Bucket List?

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